Laser-Assisted Hygiene

Love the Gums You’re With

We now offer laser-assisted hygiene for our patients! Using a diode laser during hygiene treatment is a helpful and effective complement to your regular cleanings and check-ups. Laser therapy has been used for more than 20 years in states across the country. The Texas Dental Association recently announced that it would allow dental hygienists to perform laser treatment on patients, much to the delight of our own hygienists here at 5 Star Dental.

Laser therapy has many applications in hygiene, including:

  • Bacterial prevention
  • Active gum therapy
  • De-sensitizing teeth
  • Treating canker sores
  • Treating fever blisters
  • Prevention of gum disease

Although the laser is simply another tool in the dental hygienists’ arsenal, it is one that will allow us to treat patients with very minimally invasive techniques. Since a laser is just a focused thermal light, it is chemical-free and applicable to anyone and everyone (age is not a factor). The light works by promoting healing within the body – its main function is to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria that causes the above conditions.

For more information on laser dentistry, you can visit the Academy of Laser Dentistry’s website here.