Real Patient Testimonials

Cosmetic Dentist Accepting New Patients in San Antonio, New Braunfels, and Nearby South Texas

“I highly recommend 5 Star Dental Group as they are truly the most caring, professional and efficient dental office I have ever dealt with. I now realize my dental anxiety was a result of not choosing the correct dental office. I will never go anywhere but to 5 Star Dental Group! Thank you to the entire staff. OH, I also got a welcome bag with amazing goodies. I find myself flossing two to three times a day now and brushing more carefully. They have made me proud of my smile with just one visit. Do not hesitate, contact them today so you can take your mouth to the spa! If you need anything from cleaning, fillings, fractured teeth, worn teeth, stained, darkened teeth, crooked teeth, to veneers, 5 Star is the place for you! They made my visit painless and enjoyable by being so attentive to my needs. They are a class act!  ”
- Gina G
“Everybody should get veneers because it makes you take better care of your teeth.... and you are proud of them!”
- Marcia LF
“Almost weekly someone comments on my beautiful teeth. Best money I ever spent. Thank you for a job well done! ”
- Schuyler
“San Antonio and the 5-hour drive is little much for regular maintenance although your office is my preference! The point I would like to share is all three dentists have commented unsolicited on what a great job was done with my veneers. Same comments of how natural they look. Just saw the third dentist today and his initial comment when first looking at my teeth was "wow, this guy has some great looking teeth" until realizing they were veneers. He was very complimentary of your work, which obviously made me feel great. Now wish I had them all done, So thanks again for all of your artistic work and diligence on my behalf.”
- Rick K
“My husband and I commute 40 miles to this office, and that is the best statement on how good it is. Very friendly and professional staff, have newer equipment, great warm atmosphere plus a lot more. I simply love to go there!”
- Anna S
“I'm doing fabulous! I reported to work yesterday after my appointment and the rush adrenaline of preparing for the first class day of spring left no time to think of pain. You and Nora well prepared me for what to expect so it really wasn't that bad. I took Tylenol before bed and slept well. Today I have no pain but a slight soreness at the gum, which Nora said would be expected. So I'm following her instructions with the use of the irrigator and gum massager and no Tylenol so far. EVERYONE is so impressed with your work that it's bringing more attention than I can handle. I will admit I fell asleep with a mirror in my hand. Ha!  THANK YOU! See you next week.”
- R.F.L
“Karen is awesome! Mary Jo is always very helpful and friendly :)”
- Crystal B
“Thank you for your kindness and for helping me to overcome my fear! You all are engraved in my heart! ”
- Krystal A
“Dear Vicki,  You are always professional in your work and I just wanted you to know we appreciate what you do. ”
- John M
“New dentist. Was very professional and fixed the problem. Thanks!”
- David H