Smile Makeover

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March 01, 2018
Many Americans suffer from dental problems that can't be solved in a single treatment. In order to obtain a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing smile, you may need multiple customized treatments, also known as a smile makeover. All of these treatments can add up, though, which can cause… Read Full Post
August 01, 2017
Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Having a beautiful smile can help to boost your confidence and make you appear younger. Oral health can also affect your overall health, so having a beautiful, healthy smile is important for more than just confidence. Here are five… Read Full Post
March 22, 2016
Did you avoid the photographer at your daughter’s wedding because you didn’t want to show your teeth? Do you sell yourself short on career opportunities because you don’t have the confidence to walk into an interview smiling with your head held high? Do you catch yourself staring at other… Read Full Post
February 23, 2016
One of our most recent cosmetic dentistry smile makeovers was for Morgan, a high school senior. She wore braces in the past to close spaces between her teeth, but she and her mom were unhappy with the final result due to the shape and spacing of her teeth. When she came to our office, she wanted… Read Full Post