Before & After

Smile Makeovers in San Antonio, Texas

Below are of some of the before-and-after photos of the beautiful smile makeovers Dr. Carlson has helped our patients achieve at 5 Star Dental. Porcelain veneers appear very natural when placed by a dentist with many years of experience. We are dedicated to helping each of our patients find their confidence again with a new smile. We have seen countless lives changed by cosmetic dentistry, and we hope that you will give us the chance to show you what cosmetic dentistry can do for you. For more information on our dental treatment options and to schedule your visit to our office, please contact us today. We are eager to improve your smile!

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A New Smile, A New You!

rections of Spaces Between Teeth

spaces between teeth, cosmetic dentistry san antonio, porcelain veneers

At 5 Star Dental in San Antonio, we know that unwanted spaces between your teeth can wreak havoc on your confidence. By using advanced technology, Dr. Craig Carlson is able to correct spaces with porcelain veneers that are custom designed for your best smile. Take a look at our previous patients’ success stories.

View our gallery and video of these corrected spaces between teeth.

Teeth Discoloration Corrections

Cosmetic Dentistry, San Antonio, teeth discolorations

We can correct discolored teeth with porcelain veneers. We have even been able to help patients with tetracycline staining, which is notoriously difficult to cover. With cosmetic dentistry, you can have beautiful teeth and smile without being self-conscious. Browse our gallery of previous patients with discolored teeth and their bright new smiles.

View our gallery and video of discolored teeth corrections.

Correcting Previous Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry, San Antonio, porcelain veneers

Are you unhappy with a dental procedure from the past? Do you feel like your old veneers are bulky, discolored, or simply not ‘you’ anymore? Don’t worry, Dr. Craig Carlson has extensive experience in creating natural smiles to replace old dentistry work. With new technology in porcelain veneer and porcelain crown applications, we can replace old crowns that often show an unnatural darkness at the gum line.

View our gallery and video of old dentistry corrections.

Corrections of Worn Teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry, San Antonio, porcelain veneers

Worn and short teeth can be whitened and made longer with our cosmetic dentistry smile makeovers. Excessive clenching and grinding can result in a loss in functionality (biting, chewing, etc.), and can also cause issues with the jawbone. Porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns can used to reconstruct the teeth. We tailor our procedures to each patient’s needs – whether your teeth are short, crooked, or worn down, we can help you!

View our gallery and video of worn teeth corrections.

Crooked Teeth Corrections

Cosmetic Dentistry, San Antonio, porcelain veneers

At 5 Star Dental in San Antonio, we can straighten out your crooked smile. Porcelain veneers are a great way to straighten teeth so that they have a natural appearance. We know that crooked teeth can cause you to feel embarrassed by your smile, so we are always sure to customize your smile so that you can show it off proudly. View our gallery of patients whose smile was straightened by Dr. Carlson.

View our gallery and video of crooked smile improvements.